“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” 

Albert Einstein

A Creative Manifesto For Authors
Creative Professionals Manifesto For Growth

As You Create, You Are Created

As you write your book, make your movie, paint your paintings– you are created. As you launch your innovative brand or your social enterprise, you are created.

The deeper you dig, the more you reveal. To others. To the world. To yourself. It’s all there in the work. Your pain. Your joy. The things you have to say. It’s all there …

So you follow the hidden forces that bring your ideas to life. It’s an odd dance. The discipline of a daily practice. Moments of inspiration. Doors opening and closing. Constant chaos. 

And then a spark. And the spark becomes a fire. And the fire becomes a book or a heartfelt brand; a piece of art or a feature film; a social justice movement or a Michelin Star restaurant.

A Manifesto For Authors, Artists, & Creative Business Owners


Be you without hesitation or apology. Dare to go to the beat of your own drum. Raise your voice as only you can. Claim your message to the world. Let it inform & sign your work. Get comfortable in your own skin. 


Choose projects, make life choices, that energize you and fill you with meaning. Live and create from a place of truth. Seek the heat. Avoid the drain. Get fed as a way of life and settle for nothing less.  


Intention and intensity get’s stuff done. It takes both in equal measure. So double down. Go all in. Leave nothing on the table. The best leap of faith you’ll ever take, is the one you back with hard work and perseverance. 


Break free from the status quo. Paint outside the lines. Produce signature work. Set the tone. Elevate the standard.


Bring down your armor. Keep your ego in check. Honor your brokenness. Stay in touch with the things that keep you whole. And be fully present for each step along the way. The good. The bad. The lessons learned. 

Margaret Connor Wellness Consultant

The greatest advantage to having Bob in your life is that he calls bullshit on you in the kindest of ways when you get distracted from your path. Take a moment and think about the list of people in YOUR life that can offer you that clarity-and truly with your very best intentions at heart.

Margaret Connor
Margaret Connor.com
Wellness Consultant

Karen Barry Flywheel Creative

During a workshop Bob was teaching, he helped a woman with her elevator pitch. He kept challenging her to identify the “why” when she finally blurted out, ‘I give children a voice.’ It was a very moving and powerful moment. We all had goosebumps. That’s what it’s like to work with Bob Olmstead.

Karen Barry
Flywheel Creative
Design Firm


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Maestro Ikigai - Creative Business Coach Austin

Taken from the Ikigai Wiki page: Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means “a reason for being.” The word translated to English roughly means “thing that you live for” or “the reason for which you wake up in the morning.”

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