A Profound Awakening Of Your Deepest Needs & Your Greatest Talents

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The Maestro Experience™

It’s not creative business development, coaching, training, a workshop, a spiritual experience and yet– it’s all of those things and much more. It’s A creative sabbatical that easily fits into your life. It’s a wild ride that delivers the big breakthroughs.

(3) Indicators You're Creatively stuck


Somewhere along the way, you got lost in the status quo. The mind numbing day-to-day. While people say you’re fantastic, you feel dead inside. You’re on autopilot, going through the motions.  


You have TONS of talent! Your publisher, customers, patrons, they all love you. And there you remain. Stuck. You’re ready to go to the next level but no one knows you exist. It’s like you’re invisible! 


Long hours. Hard work. Yet, no results. What the hell is going on? You’re putting out great work but you’re exhausted. It’s too much. Something has to give. You need solutions that get results.

Creative Business Program Experience Design Class

Immerse yourself in ideas and craft

 Lewis Carroll said it best in Alice In Wonderland;“Have I gone mad? I’m afraid so. You’re entirely Bonkers. But I will tell you a secret, all the best people are.”  Welcome to a madcap adventure that breaks the rules and explores uncharted territory. 


Explore don’t fix. Constantly fixing things offers little benefit. What is your current situation trying to teach you? Get curious. Take your time. Ask tough questions. Unlock the deeper truths that will take your life and craft to a whole new level. 


Expanding is shedding one skin to take on another. It’s remaining true to who you are while becoming something more. Evolution is not gentle nor polite. It calls you out. It dares you to take the next step, comfort zones be damned! It’s time to reach for more.   


As an author, artist, or creative business owner,  you bring ideas to life. You succeed and you fail. You rise and you fall. You learn and you grow. And then the whole process begins anew. That’s how it works. As you create, you are created. 


Give Birth To Your Best, Most Daring Life And Work

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We hear the advice all the time, speak and live your truth. But what the hell does that even mean? Values or mission statements don’t get the job done. What PROFOUNDLY informs you personally? Professionally? Creatively? Our first walk together will give rise to your voice. Powerful. Authentic. True to your needs. Representative of your talents & aspirations. 

Creative Business Coach For Authors


Priorities that serve rather than enslave. Projects that bring energy and meaning to your life. Fiercely protecting that which is sacred. Our second walk together will energize and align your life. More fuel. Less drain. Stronger boundaries. It’s feeling fully alive as a way of life and settling for nothing less. 

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Big dreams. Impossible odds. Painting outside the lines. Taking risks because you have no choice. The idea is just too compelling, too sexy, too heartfelt to pass up. It HAS to get done! Our third walk together will empower you to do almost anything. It comes down to intention and intensity, coupling those two together as a superpower. That’s how you bring epic ideas to life. 

Creative Business Branding


Bold moves. Intoxicating moments. Mind blowing experiences that leave your audience or customers hungry for more. That’s how you shatter the status quo. Our fourth walk together will unlock your ability to produce signature work. The kind of work that will rise above the noise and elevate your brand.

Life Coach For Creative Business Owners Austin Texas


The person most likely to sabotage your success is the person in the mirror. Our final walk together will deeply root your personal leadership skills. Less armor. Greater ownership. Less ego. More mindfulness. Honoring not avoiding your brokenness. Staying in touch with the things that matter most. 

Tracy Cutchlow Editor Autho

Bob helped me discover and claim who I am -- and why, at a deep level, I do what I do as an author, speaker, and coach. Plus, he made it fun. I'm far more equipped now to do the authentic, insightful work I want to do in the world. I have a North Star. We're only a third of the way through Maestro, and hiring Bob is already the best business decision I've made

Tracy Cutchlow 
Zero To Five
Award Winning Author & Editor

Kareem Badr Improvisor GM Hideout Theater

Bob did an amazing job of rapidly getting to our challenges. The result of our first meeting was the focus and inspiration that would motivate and fuel everything we do. I couldn’t recommend working with him enough.

Kareem Badr
The Hideout Theater
Award Winning Improvisor & Business Owner


Maestro is not an egocentric coach holding you accountable, it’s a shared experience of growth and discovery. 

Maestro is the thing you want to create, the wisdom you want to share, the impact you want to have. 

Maestro is claiming your authentic voice without apology: personally, professionally, and creatively. 

Maestro is breaking down walls, raising your voice, and facilitating the change you seek.  

Maestro’s primary purpose is to inspire an awakening that opens the door to your best, most daring life and work. 


I only work with (15) motivated, committed participants at a time. Individuals passionate about living the best version of their lives. Bold imagineers looking to do their best work.

Are you willing to invest in your future? Do you have ideas to bring to life? Does making a difference matter to you? Do you push your comfort zones? If so, then welcome to Maestro!

No hype. No get rich schemes. Just a life changing experience to unlock your full potential


$ 625


  • An Unconventional Online Program That Will Bring Down Your Armor & Challenge Your Comfort Zones.
  • Designed For Authors, Artists, & Creative Business Owners Feeling Stuck & Hungry For Growth.
  • Easily Fits Into Your Daily Life On A Part-Time Basis Without Sacrificing Results.
  • A Comprehensive Experience That Gives Birth To Your Best, Most Daring Life & Work.
  • Uses A Vast Menu Of Tools Such As Photography, Audio & Video Recordings, Mind Bending Challenges, And More.


$ 1,500


  • Initial Orientation Call Plus (2) Coaching Calls Per Month (45-75 Minutes Each).
  • Ongoing Online Collaboration To Sustain Your Progress, Get Feedback, & Share Files.
  • (4-6) Deep Dive Worksheets, (2-3) Breakthrough Experiences (with workbooks) Per Expedition.
  • (15) Minute Emergency Triage Calls When Credibly Needed To Keep You On Solid Ground.
  • An Engraved Pocket Token Each Time You Complete An Expedition To Commemorate Your Adventures.
Dr. Allison Chase Psychologist

Bob seems to “get” human behavior, which makes it safer to deal with the down and dirty stuff that creates road blocks. It was his ability to take me, as a frustrated “worker bee”, and move me into my role as an "owner" that has made the difference.

Dr. Allison Chase
Eating Recovery Center

Karim Currey Social Entrepreneur Digital Artist

Bob knows how creative minds think, and he knows the ins and outs of business. I am a very passionate driven being and I am known to jump from one thing to another on raw passion. Bob was able to quickly reel me in, point it out and sort it out. I am grateful for Bob’s coaching.

Karim Currey
Gifted Multimedia
Social Entrepreneur

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the program? 

People progress at different rates. This program allows for and even encourages taking your time. Remember, this is a part-time creative sabbatical not a quick fix, so give yourself the time you need to get the results you’re looking for. Typically, people complete the program within 10-20 months. But the big takeaway is, this a gift to yourself and your craft. So settle in and enjoy the journey! 

Deep Dive Worksheets? What are those? 

Your best discoveries, your greatest breakthroughs, will come from patiently going through the process. I am but your guide. The Deep Dive Worksheets play an important role to that end. They facilitate the kind of “aha” moments that  facilitate growth and set the stage for our Breakthrough Experience work.

Breakthrough Experiences? What are those?

Big breakthroughs rarely happen in a vacuum or randomly. They happen as a result of well fertilized soil that sets the stage for a big breakthrough to happen. That’s the purpose of the Deep Dive worksheets. 

Each Breakthrough Experience has been handcrafted to challenge your comfort zones and bring down your armor. This pushes you into uncharted territory. How will you respond? What will you discover? What breakthroughs will happen? Breakthrough Experiences are challenging and that’s a good thing! 

You mentioned written, audio, & video takeaways?

Maestro has been designed to engage all of your senses. It is an experience in and of itself. That’s the only way to facilitate life changing results. Your work will include written assignments, audio recordings via your phone, video shot on your phone, photography, and many other tools. By engaging all of your senses, we greatly elevate the impact of the Maestro Creative Business Program™.

Online collaboration– how does that work?

Online collaboration is a private, cloud based space where we can chat, share files, assign tasks, and keep the fires of momentum burning. It’s also a great space for asking questions and getting feedback. It’s even a powerful tool when you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. 

Do I have to sign any contracts?

Yes, I have a standard Letter Of Agreement that is required to join the program. That said, signing my LOA will NOT obligate you (financially) to pay for the full term of my program. That’s not how I do business. Meaning, once your monthly or quarterly fee is paid, you are under no contractual obligation to continue Maestro beyond that prepaid amount of time. 

What happens if we’re not a fit? 

There are two reasons I offer a free Rapid Clarity Call. First, to give you chance to benefit from my expertise free of charge. Secondly, to determine if Maestro and our personalities are a good fit. Personality issues popping up after joining the program are extremely rare.


Take The Maestro Experience™ for a test drive. Gain immediate access to (2) worksheets from Expedition #1 PLUS bonus content PLUS ongoing creative resources & event updates. NO spam! Your privacy is always protected. 

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